For Gucci Prêt-À-Porter, Alessandro Michele was inspired by reportage imagery of a scene established as an industry cliché: designers and their models acting out the seasonal ritu

Gucci Cruise 2020 fashion show at the Capitoline Museums in Rome on May 28, 2019. Source: Kendam, YouTube.

In a new campaign envisioned by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Harry Styles returns as the face of Gucci Tailoring. Captured by Harmony Korine, the singer, songwriter and actor plays an eccent

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A design process curated over months that began in Gucci’s design studio in Rome, the gowns and suits of the Met Gala take shape under the eye of Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele. S

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Apple, Louis Vuitton и Gucci сообщили о решении снизить

See the Gucci Fall Winter 2019 collection live from the runway at the Gucci Hub in Milan. Source: Gucci, YouTube.

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