Today’s video covers some diverse territory, from Cambodia, living wages, and H&M, to the Clean Clothes Campaign, a Cambodian NGO called the Centre for Alliance of Labour and Human Rights (or CENTRAL), Better Factories Cambodia, and an organisation called Better Buying. Source: FSWIR, YouTube.

Chanel shows pre fall collection for 2019 in New York City. Source: Youtube, Chanel

Meghan Markle makes a special appearance at The Fashion Awards to announce the winners. Source: Youtube, The Fashion Awards

The World of Wearable Art presents awards to the finalist designers in New Zealand. Source: World of Wearable Art, Youtube

Fashion critic Sarah Mower reviews the ecological innovation of Alice Potts, a fashion designer and artist, who creates crystalline accessories with the sweat of dancers and athletes. Source: SHOWstudio, youtube

Dyeing fabric the non-synthetic way, with traditional techniques date back at the Edo period. Source: Great Big Story, Youtube

The state of fashion for 2019, as analysed and predicted by McKinsey and the Business of Fashion. Source: Business of Fashion, McKinsey, Youtube

'Plastics can be recycled up to ten times', says the engineer-turned-fashion-designer De Neubourg. His start up 3D prints sunglasses from plastic waste, and his aim is to show the world that sustainable fashion can be wearable, beautiful and affordable at the same time. Source: Coach, Youtube

The renowned designer Alber Elbaz expands on his idea of the future of fashion in this humorous and heart-felt talk. Source: Coach, Youtube

Coach Pre-Fall 2019 shows collection by Stuart Vevers. Source: Coach, Youtube