Journalist Tom Rasmussen analyses a look from JW Anderson A/W 19 womenswear, applauding Anderson's ability to reinvigorate passé garments and accessories. Rasmussen recounts seeing Anderson's collections in 2009 – the first time they had seen gender questioned on the runway. Source: Youtube, SHOWstudio […]

The Fashion Culture in South Africa Documentary. We visit South Africa to get an insight into what the fashion culture is like and travel between Cape Town and Johannesburg to tell the stories of the locals. Source: Youtube, The Unknown Vlogs

Traffic on the corner of Melrose and Fuller regularly comes to a halt here on any given Saturday, as shoppers from near and far dart through traffic in designer sneakers. They’re trying to get from one Round Two store to the next. Source: Youtube, VICE news

Prada is a brand that redefined the parameters of luxury fashion through its daring use of new materials in the ’80s and its foresight in introducing its own sportswear line in the ’90s. That idea of permanent creative growth and development permeates the label as a whole. Source: Youtube, High Snobiety […]

This is the first CHANEL collection with Virginie Viard as sole creative director. The house of CHANEL gave exclusive access to the fittings and backstage of this emotional fashion moment. Source: Youtube, Loic Prigent

Emma Chamberlain gets ready for Louis Vuitton Cruise. Source: Youtube, Louis Vuitton

Supermodel Irina Shayk is on her way to meet Jean Paul Gaultier for dinner in Paris to celebrate his fragrance 'Scandal' but first she needs to find the perfect outfit. We ordered room service with her at her 5 star suite while she got ready. Source: Youtube, Vogue

From the eye catching logo, to limited product releases, and artist collaborations, Supreme has transitioned from small skateboarding store in New York to a $1 billion dollar streetwear company over the past 20 years. But for its fans, Supreme is more than just a brand — it’s often an obsession and […]

This 1939 dress by designer Elsa Schiaparelli belonged to Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. Schiaparelli was known for her unique style; she collaborated with surrealist artists and experimented with new materials. This dress is no exception, with intricate and unique details. Source: Youtube, […]

A design process curated over months that began in Gucci’s design studio in Rome, the gowns and suits of the Met Gala take shape under the eye of Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Source: Youtube, Gucci