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Jeweller Repossi collaborates with art gallery Amélie, Maison d’Art

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Repossi x Amélie, Maison d’Art Credits: LVMH

Repossi, the LVMH-owned haute jeweller, has joined forces with gallery owner Amélie du Chalard to mark the tenth anniversary of its iconic Antifer collection.

This collection is influenced by contemporary art and architecture and blends minimalism with bold angles, exemplifying Repossi's distinct identity.

Amélie du Chalard selected six artists to craft original works that engage with Antifer's aesthetics. The Parisian gallery curator's vision aims to bridge the gap between the collection and artists' practices, spanning sculpture, engraving, and photography. Notably, the artistic endeavor aims to capture the intricate balance between pointed and curved angles, encapsulating Antifer's uniqueness.

Among the artists, Florence Grundeler, Victoire d'Harcourt, François Kenesi, Michel Kirsch, Marine Vu, and Guido de Zan each contribute a distinctive piece to Repossi's collection, LVMH said in a statement.

The collaboration embodies Repossi's tradition of blending artistry with craftsmanship, fostering an avant-garde approach to jewelry.